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In Bucks County, Pennsylvania...

New Hope's name came from positivity in the face of adversity. When Benjamin Parry rebuilt his local mills, which burned in 1790, he called them the "New Hope Mills," and the town took their name.

New Hope was the only point on the 60 mile Delaware Division Canal where four barges could pass at one time.

Zebulon Pike, for whom Pike's Peak was named, was a student at the one-room schoolhouse in the village of Solebury.

For twenty years in the mid-1800's, a cave on Buckingham Mountain was the home of recluse Albert Large, Hermit of the Wolf Rocks.

Lumberville has the only footbridge across the Delaware, which leads to Bull's Island in New Jersey. The tiny island is the nesting ground for rare Cerulean and Yellow-throated Warblers.

The last timber wolf captured in Bucks County was trapped in Plumstead Township in 1800.

The field of rocks (which ring when struck with a hammer), for which Ringing Rocks Park is named, is a geological enigma. No one can explain why they ring.

The river bridge at Riegelsville is a steel wire suspension bridge designed by Brooklyn Bridge designer John Roebling. Almost a miniature by comparison, it's not for sale either.

The last survivor of the Revolutionary Army died in Hartsville on February 14, 1854.

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