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In Hunterdon County, New Jersey...

Lambertville is the birthplace of James Marshall who, with John Sutter, started the Gold Rush of 1849 when they found gold in a sawmill race in California.

The first day-old baby chicks were shipped from Joseph Wilson's chicken hatchery in Stockton.

Sixty-four freight carloads of peaches were shipped from Sergeantsville in 1882.

The last covered bridge in New Jersey stands on the Ringoes-Rosemont Road between Sergeantsville and Rosemont.

Frenchtown was named for Paul Henri Mallet-Prevost, a French speaker, who bought 893 acres there in 1794. Prevost was actually Swiss and the village should have been called Swisstown.

Poultry farming was a major industry and chicken theft was a serious problem. In the 1920's farmers began tattooing chickens, the Hunterdon equivalent of branding cattle.

Chet Huntley, in addition to co-anchoring the NBC Nightly News in the 1960s, was a poultry farmer in Hunterdon County.

The hub of the surrounding agricultural and industrial centers, fifty-four trains a day stopped in Flemington in 1889.

A Lambertville rubber manufacturer advertised "snag proof" boots in colonial days.

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